Your “terrible” childhood

Rome, you spoiled, privileged, arrogant, whiny, ungrateful little prick!  I could not believe you pontificating just a few minutes ago about the “horror” you experienced by being forced by your dad to listen to jazz on the radio!  My god, at least you had a dad, and you had a car you could ride in, and that car actually had a radio!  You want to hear about a bad upbringing?  I got that covered……

When I was a kid (~7 yrs old), on Sundays the maid AND the butler had the day off.  If I wanted fresh-squeezed orange juice that morning, I HAD TO SQUEEZE THE ORANGES MYSELF!!!!!  Can you believe that?  I STILL bear the scars of that today and continue to have therapy 3x/week.  Jazz?  You kidding me?!?!?  Jazz?!?!?  Try orange juice and THEN cry me a river…..punk!

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